The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre to be adapted into a drama for the 9th time


The new version of Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Sabre 倚天屠龙记, and is helmed by Jeffrey Chiang, the director of last year’s well-received Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 (my first reaction to the news was that Deng Chao’s version was only a couple of years ago, until I remembered it aired way back in 2009).

Zeng Shunxi has been cast as male lead Zhang Wuji, though he clearly lacks the skills to bring the character to life. I have higher hopes for Tang Yan’s new employee Chen Yuqi, who was serviceable in Princess Weiyoung.

The story begins with the prophecy that whoever wields the Dragon Slaying Saber and Heavenly Sword will rule the world. Zhang Wuji’s parents Zhang Cuishan (Li Dongxue) and Yin Susu commit suicide after refusing to reveal the location of the blade, which is currently in the possession of his godfather Xie Xun (Hei Zi).

Some years later, Zhang Wuji finds himself in an isolated valley, and masters a set of powerful inner energy skills. He becomes the leader of the unorthodox Ming Cult, and later supports the rebellions against the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty. Aside from Mongol princess Zhao Min, Zhang Wuji also becomes romantically entangled with the Emei Sect’s Zhou Zhiruo, Persian princess Xiao-Zhao and his cousin Yin Li / Zhu’er.

Kathy Chow, who played Zhou Zhiruo in the 1994 remake, will be playing Zhiruo’s teacher Miejue. Fan Siu-wong plays Xie Xun’s mentor Cheng Kun, Wang Deshun plays Zhang Wuji’s grandfather and leader of the Wudang Sect Zhang Sanfeng and Yang Mingna plays the Golden Flower Granny.

Extensive summary of Jin Yong’s original novel, English translation

9 thoughts on “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre to be adapted into a drama for the 9th time

  1. I like the choice for the female lead but the male lead……..I have nothing to say haha I heard rumors that Niu Jun Feng was considered for the role; I would’ve much preferred him!! :(

    I know that there are so many remakes, but I kind of like that their are more recent remakes so I can get my younger siblings/cousins to watch the newer ones since they refuse to watch the old ones LOL

  2. I secretly wished that Yu Zheng or Tangren would pick this drama up. Zhang Wuji-Zhao Min is my most hated lead couple from Jin Yong and I wouldn’t mind at all of Yu Zheng/Tangren butchered it to make Zhou Zhiruo the lead instead.

  3. Are some Chinese film makers so lazy that they can’t quit making remake after remake? This is seriously becoming a joke.

    • A lot of the filmmakers grew up reading Jing Yong’s books and really admire it. I bet they saw all the previous versions and feel like it didn’t do the book justice so they want to make their own.

      So now they have a chance to create any project they want, so of course they are going to choose something they love.

    • it is to remind our younger generations about how great the novels are (in fact, those are really great novels). lately there’re so many stories, fantasies, adapted novels, adapted histories and such…we hope for new masterpieces, also hope the old ones never getting old.

      • Agreed.

        And despite its flaws, Jin Yong’s martial arts novels still reign far superior than the ones from this century, hence the need to always go back to his novels.

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