First batch of stills for Novoland: Eagle Flag

Novoland: Eagle Flag has released character stills, and I can’t take my eyes off the supporting cast. I need them as leads in a political intrigue drama of their own right now.

If anyone’s become a fan of Liu Haoran in ancient garb after Nirvana in Fire 2, then this will be the perfect follow-up drama when it airs in 2019.

Zhang Jiayi as Baili Jinghong, de facto ruler of Lower Tang

Xu Qing as Grand Princess Bai Lingbo, the most beautiful woman in Tianqi City

Zhang Fengyi as Ying Wuyi, warlord of the Kingdom of Li (the Cao Cao of Novoland)

Zhang Zhijian as Lei Bicheng, a powerful leader of the Chenyue Cult

Jiang Shuying as Gong Yuyi (original character)

Li Guangjie as Xi Yan, Baili Jinghong’s subordinate

Wang Ou as widow Su Shunqing, later Xi Yan’s love interest.

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