Promo Round-up: Mr. Right

Promotional tagline: Heals toothaches, as well as heartaches.

Jin Dong’s The First Half of My Life was rushed into broadcast without any fanfare, but was surprisingly very well-received by the general audience. Mr. Right has found itself in a similar situation – here’s to hoping this drama finds the same nationwide success.

Jiang Shuying plays a hotel lobby manager and Jin Dong’s true love, while Li Naiwen costars as Jin Dong’s business partner. Xin Zhilei plays Jin Dong’s dream girl / first crush and Li Zonghan rounds out the main cast as her ex-husband who is infatuated with the heroine.

The 45 episode rom-com begins airing tonight.

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5 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Mr. Right

  1. This looks really promising! I absolutely adore Jiang Shuying’s acting, she’s very natural and versatile.

  2. You could be the sexiest dentist in the world but that dental exam scene just put a “hmm” in my initial enthusiasm..

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