Monster Hunt 2 releases first trailer

In my honest opinion, the new trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to Monster Hunt looks like an underwhelming mess, though I do hope I can eat my words when it premieres on February 16th.

Tony Leung plays an unlucky gambler who travels the realms with Benben, and the two find a new companion in Huba, who had left the demon world to look for its parents Jing Boran and Bai Baihe.


2 thoughts on “Monster Hunt 2 releases first trailer

  1. I know some people thinks the first one was overrated, but I thought it was a heartwarming and enjoyable family flick. Bai Baihe and Jing Boran we’re both great comedians, and Wuha was adorable.
    The new trailer does look bad, though.

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