Dramatic trailer for Chen Baoguo, Feng Yuanzheng’s upcoming Republican medical drama

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has released its first trailer, and focuses on Weng Quanhai’s (Chen Baoguo) journey to revive TCM after the Kuomintang ban acupuncture and herbal medicine in 1929. Feng Yuanzheng stars as a genius western medicine doctor who is jealous of Weng Quanhai’s achievements and later frames him for medical malpractice.

Chen Yuemo costars as a street smart TCM enthusiast who later becomes Weng Quanhai’s disciple. Xu Qing plays Weng Quanhai’s wife, while Siqin Gaowa (the younger one) plays a beautiful kunqu performer who causes a rift between the married couple.

Directed by Mao Weining (An Ordinary World) and written by Gao Mantang (The Last Visa), the 35 episode drama has yet to secure an air date.

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