Liu Tao, Yang Shuo reunite in heartwarming modern drama

Liu Tao and Yang Shuo are confirmed for We Must All Be Fine 我们都要好好的, an inspirational modern romance drama that focuses on the lives of divorcees and their journey of rediscovery.

Liu Tao plays Xun Zhao (the name literally means ‘in search of’), an art director who comes from a well-off family. Much to the dismay of her family, she marries hard-working fund manager Xiang Qian (meaning ‘to move forward’), played by Yang Shuo. Once her husband’s career takes off, Xun Zhao is forced to become a housewife in order to take care of their son Xiang Haohan (Zhang Yihan, Ah Li in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms), and their marriage is soon on the rocks.

The couple eventually divorce, though decide to keep in close contact for the sake of their kid. Xun Zhao rediscovers herself after returning to work, and finds true love with a younger man, played by stage actor Liu Duanduan (Brotherhood of Blades II). Jin Chen (Little Valentine) costars as Alisa, a powerful and rich fashion magazine editor who ends up dating Xiang Qian.

The 40 episode drama is directed by Liu Xuesong (co-director of ER Doctors) and written by Wang Yi (The Queens 母仪天下, Litle Valentine).

Liu Duanduan

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  1. I assume Yang Shuo plays Xiang Qian. He’s so manly and yet cute at times. Can’t wait to see him in this.

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