Air date update, January 2018

As always, watch this space for the latest updates. All dates and dramas are subject to change.

The Chronicles of Town Called Jian  / Legend of Cocoon Town 茧镇奇缘 – Jan 1
Featuring: Jiang Jinfu, Victoria Song, Yang Yang
Details: 40 episodes, 2 eps every Mon-Wed on Mango TV (online)
Mystery romance set in the Republican era.

Flipped in My Youth 我的青春遇见你 – Jan 2
Featuring: Wei Qianxiang, Jiang Yan
Details: 55 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
Revolves around the sweet romance between a newly married couple.

Best Arrangement 最好的安排 – Jan 3
Featuring: Ying’er, Fu Xinbo, Wang Yaoqing
Details: 40 episodes, daily drama on Shandong TV (previously aired on a local channel)
Focuses on the love triangle between a white-collar worker, her boss and a friendly restaurant manager.

Modern Matchmaker 大话红娘 – Jan 3
Featuring: Zhang Li, Yang Shuo, Zhang Danfeng
Details: 40 episodes, daily drama on CCTV-8.
A rom-com (looks more like a dog-blood melo to me) featuring a rebellious female doctor turned matchmaker.

The East Wind Blows Through the Loft Again 小楼又东风 – Jan 4
Featuring: Yan Yikuan, Song Yi, Zhu Zixiao
Details: 45 episodes, daily drama on Anhui TV
A love triangle between three spies who work for different governments.

Operation Moscow 莫斯科行动 – Jan 8
Featuring: Xia Yu, Yao Qianyu
Details: 32 episodes, daily drama on Zhejiang TV
Based on real events, the drama focuses on a group of detectives who cross the border into Russia to capture a group of criminals.

Mr. Right 恋爱先生 – Jan 12
Featuring: Jin Dong, Jiang Shuying, Li Naiwen, Xin Zhilei
Details: 45 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV / Jiangsu TV
A typical opposites-attract rom-com between a dentist/part-time love guru and a haughty young woman.

Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 – Jan 14
Featuring: Guan Xiaotong, Song Weilong, Zhang Xinyu, Yu Zheng (I’m serious)
Details: 2 eps every Sunday, Monday on Hunan TV
Two spies from different kingdoms take on the identity of a princess of the Liu Song dynasty and her learned companion respectively, though accidentally fall in love with each other (twice, if you count the break up + amnesia subplot).

Pretty Man 国民老公 – Jan 15
Featuring: Xiong Ziqi, Li Xirui
Details: weekly drama on Tencent
Another story that has first loves falling in love all over again. Loosely adapted from Ye Feiye’s Taking the Nation’s Husband Back Home 国民老公带回家.

K9 Coming 警犬来啦 – Jan 17
Featuring: Yang Rong, Jia Jinghui, Liang Yuan
Details: 30 episodes, 2 eps every Wed-Fri on Tencent
Focuses on the romance between two police dog handlers.

A Step into the Past  新寻秦记 – Jan 18
Featuring: Chen Xiang, Guo Xiaoting
Details: 40 episodes, 1 ep a day on Youku

Remake of classic TVB drama A Step into the Past.

Love is in the Air 幸福, 近在咫尺 – Jan 18
Featuring: Ivy Chen, Wang Ziqi, Archie Kao
Details: 24 episodes, 2 eps every Thurs-Fri on Tencent
A quirky romance between a trainee guardian of the world and a white collar worker. Ivy Chen’s directorial debut.

The Big Bug 继承者计划 – Jan 18
Featuring: Wang Yanlin, Li Xinran
Details: 24 episodes, 2 eps every Thursday on Sohu
Wang Yanlin (Yuwen Huai in Princess Agents) seamlessly switches between an undercover cop and son of a mafia boss in this upcoming comedy.

Ten Miles of Peach Blossom Sequel 十里桃花后传 – Jan 19
Featuring: Li Zifeng, Ning Xin

Details: 24 episodes, 2 eps every Friday on iQiyi
A spin-off of TLTWTMPB.

To Love To Heal 我站在桥上看风景 – Jan 23
Featuring: Jiang Chao, Li Xirui, Pang Hanchen
Details: 2 eps every Tuesday, Wednesday on Hunan TV
Tells of the romance between a gaming company CEO and a kendo trainer.

Peace Hotel 和平饭店 – Jan 25
Featuring: Lei Jiayin, Chen Shu, Li Guangjie
Details: 42 episodes, daily drama on Zhejiang TV
In 1930s Shanghai, two patriots act as a married couple in order to find and destroy the secret lab that was being used by the Japanese for chemical warfare research.

The Legend of Zu 2 蜀山战纪2踏火行歌 – Jan 30
Featuring: Nicky Wu, Yu Ting’er, Chen Zheyuan
Details: 2 eps every Mon-Tues on Zhejiang TV
Tells of the adventures of a mysterious young girl as she searches for her benefactor.


2 thoughts on “Air date update, January 2018

  1. Hmmm… FBB’s dramas have always managed to disappoint me. I was looking forward to Win the World but then the trailer came out and the horrible vocal dubbing… *shudders.
    I was looking forward to Untouchable Lovers but then found out that the plot was completely ruined. Viann Zhang acting as a man is probs the only reason why I’m tuning in. I want to see how well she does.
    TT_TT Ruyi isn’t coming….

  2. What a pity that Untouchable Lovers has a questionable (ridiculous) plot which is so different from the original novel. I expect a disappointing drama

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