Promo Round-up: Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Changlin

Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Changlin occurs nearly half a century after the events of Nirvana in Fire, and the safety of the Liang Dynasty is still being threatened by neighbouring kingdoms and corrupt politicians.

My expectations are pretty low given the fact that sequels never work, though with directors Kong Sheng and Li Xue at the helm, it’s bound to look gorgeous.The 50 episode drama will air two episodes every Monday to Wednesday on Dragon and Beijing TV beginning tonight. English subs will be available on Dramafever and Viki.

Lin Chen’s letter to Mei Changsu

General Xiao Pingzhang (Huang Xiaoming), son of Xiao Tingsheng (Sun Chun), is poisoned and later dies on the battlefield. Younger brother Xiao Pingjing (Liu Haoran) leaves behind a carefree lifestyle at Langya Hall and resolves to discover the truth behind his brother’s death.

Men’s Qianxue (Tong Liya) is Meng Zhi’s grand-niece and a skilled soldier, and often acts as chief advisor to her husband Xiao Pingzhang. Lin Xi (Zhang Huiwen) is a kind-hearted physician who helps to treat the commoners when the communal wells become contaminated with poison.

6 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Changlin

  1. Do you guys know when liu tao drama scouring marriage and ying er mao ya ya marriage is gonna on air as both finished filming 2 years ago?

  2. Do you guys know when Tong Liya’s Love Without a Trace coming? It was slated ever since 2015 but I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of promos exc. for that one trailer hidden in the depths of youtube.

    • It hasn’t been picked up by any satellite channels or native streaming sites, hence the lack of promos. Some dramas have to wait 5+yrs before airing due to distribution problems, lack of popularity etc.

  3. Glad to hear Dramafever and Viki has already picked this up for subbing. They’re usually quite late to the game on these series.

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