Huang Xuan’s Youth and Deng Chao’s The Liquidator have new release dates

Youth and The Liquidator both cancelled their September/October air dates pretty abruptly, and it was reportedly because some of the scenes couldn’t pass by censorship board. Both movies have gotten new premiere dates – Youth will be released in cinemas on December 15th, while The Liquidator will follow on December 22nd.

Feng Xiaogang’s Youth is a throwback to 1970s China, and stars Huang Xuan and Miao Miao as a pair of idealistic dancers who later join the People’s Liberation Army.

The Liquidator stars Deng Chao (who won Best Actor at the Golden Rooster Awards for his riveting performance in The Dead End) as Fang Mu, a genius detective who is determined to catch Jiang Ya (Ethan Ruan), a serial killer who believes he has the power to punish shady citizens as he sees fit.

The clip below introduces the four cases that will be featured in the film: physical punishment of students, an ungracious son abandons his elderly mother, culpable driving causing death and an elderly con-woman pretending to get hit. I can see why the release date was pushed back – all of this hits pretty close to home.

Ending theme song by Liu Shishi

Guilty of Mind featured the same characters, though I’m optimistic this film will give us a better Fang Mu and a better story line.

3 thoughts on “Huang Xuan’s Youth and Deng Chao’s The Liquidator have new release dates

  1. The poster for Fanghua has to be my favorite movie poster this year. I love the nostalgic and bright color scheme, the use of the flower tree, and the way it leaves a lot of blank spaces. Also the title with the dancer is brilliant.

    • Agree! It looks amazing, I always love it when films have an artistic feel to it. Also, I’m noticing that Huang Xuan is getting a lot of great roles with very well known directors – not that I have anything against him but I never found his acting that great to warrant these kind of quality productions…

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