Chen Man releases brilliant new photo shoot starring Zhou Dongyu

It’s been ages since I last saw a Chen Man (and Zhou Dongyu) photo shoot that I liked. This is the second set to be released from the collaboration between Harper’s Bazaar Movie and The Thousand Faces of DunjiaFemale lead Ni Ni’s shots can be found here.

Zhou Dongyu and director Yuen Woo-ping

The beginning of a wuxia movie:

5 thoughts on “Chen Man releases brilliant new photo shoot starring Zhou Dongyu

  1. I kind of really like the mechanical dragon. Someone should do a steampunk fantasy wuxia photoshoot (or movie! cc: Ken Liu)

    The rest of the photoshoot look more Japanese than Chinese, though.

    • Japan was greatly influenced by Han and Tang dynasty culture. People wrongly associate Qing aesthetics as representative of Chinese culture.

  2. Sword hilt! I see a sword hilt peeping out from under a massive headdress staged for maximum static effect. This must be … WUXIA! XD I hope there are more of these “spot the wuxia” shoots to come. They’re actually rather fun! Someone should collect them into a Where’s Waldo parody called Where’s Wuxia.

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