Acclaimed historical drama series The Qin Empire gets a reboot (sort of)

The Qin Empire (I, II, IIIis an ongoing series of historical dramas depicting the rise of the Qin Dynasty, from its beginnings as a state in the Warring States period, to its unification of ancient China and eventual collapse after the death of Qin Shi Huang. A fourth installment has been confirmed, though reactions are mixed.

First, the good news:

  • Original author Sun Haohui was displeased with the second and third dramas for not sticking to his novels’ storylines, and will be more involved in the production of the fourth drama, which will chronicle the rise and fall of Ying Zheng, the first Emperor of China.
  • With a budget of 140 million yuan, they will replicate costumes, weapons and furniture as they were in history.

The bad news:

  • It’s going to be 100 EPISODES (and it’ll only be based off the fifth of six novels)
  • The show is produced by Ciwen Media, which has a track record of producing terrible dramas: Lure of the Huaxu Tune: City of Hopeless Love, Journey of Flower, Princess Agents

They’re striving to make it a proper historical drama / 正剧, a term used to describe shows that take on a more serious tone (classic examples include Palace of Desire 大明宫词, The Grand Mansion Gate 大宅门Kangxi Dynasty 康熙王朝 and Ming Dynasty 1566). It’s a pretty ambitious goal, and it’ll be hard to find an actor who has the required skills and gravitas to play Ying Zheng.

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  1. Ah… I have an actor I’d like to see play ying Zheng but I don’t think he will take it.. boo hoo.. he makes a perfect ying Zheng in my mind.

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