Promo Round-up: The Advisors Alliance Part 2

Out of all the subplots in The Advisors Alliance 2, I’m probably most excited about the showdown between Zhuge Liang (Wang Luoyong) and Sima Yi (Wu Xiubo), as well as the Sima family’s descent into darkness and coup against Cao Wei (that just made me sound sadistic).Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon will begin airing tonight on Youku.

Character Teasers (playlist):

4 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: The Advisors Alliance Part 2

  1. What lazy writing. They’ve spent two episodes detailing Cao Rui’s mental illness and he’s still boring. They even brought back “turning gay as a part of mental illness” trope from the last Century.
    I have no idea what’s going on with this drama and why someone thought the post-Cao Cao 80 something episodes were worth spending a year to film.

      • I’m not fluent enough in Chinese literature to convey the actual meaning of his words. My following is my best guesstimate of what was said:
        – I want to accomplish great things but I don’t know who to do it for.
        – Light and shadow exist side by side. So is right and wrong.
        – Now that I’ve returned, I feel restless.
        – I plot at every step I take
        – I rather be the butcher knife than the meat on the butcher block.
        – When father and sons fight together, we can beat any forces.

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