Based on Han Lu’s manhua of the same name, Yanshifan: New Youth 艳势番之新青年 is an upcoming Republican era drama starring Jackson Yi Yangqianxi (Song of Phoenix)Huang Zitao (Chinese Odyssey: Love You For Ten Thousand Years) and Hu Bingqing (Midnight Diner).

Ah Yi (Jackson Yi) befriends Manchu noble Chong Liming (Huang Zitao) by chance, and the latter uses his identity as a beile (prince of the third rank) to grant Ah Yi entry into Yanshifan, the name given to the group of imperial guards responsible for protecting the imperial family.

Chong Liming’s desperate attempts to remove the corrupt officials and save the Qing empire fails, and he ultimately decides to join Ah Yi and the revolutionaries in the fight for a new world. The two male leads will probably be involved in a love triangle with princess Aisin·Gioro Yuchu (Hu Bingqing).

The 48 episode drama is directed by Liu Yizhi (True Colour of Beauty, Micro Times) and written by Su Peng (Hero’s Dreamand will air on streaming site Youku in 2019.

I’m not a big fan of the casting, but at least the poster is creative?

3 thoughts on “Jackson Yi Yangqianxi, Huang Zitao, Hu Bingqing cast in upcoming Republican drama”

  1. It would be great if there wasn’t a love interest, heck it would be nice if they could just be friends until the end without romance (they can have romance with others if they want), but I’m kind of done with the whole love triangle. I wish for more friendships

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