Lin Yun, Chen Bolin star in Disney’s first Chinese rom-com film

The Dreaming Man 假如王子睡着了 is Disney’s first Chinese co-production, and stars Jelly Lin Yun (Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back) as a modern-day Cinderella who gets entangled in a love triangle with two brothers, played by Chen Bolin (Surprise) and Zhang Yunlong (Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice).

Wang Xiaohe (Lin Yun) works multiple jobs to try and fund a university education, and develops a crush on genius Zheng Tianle (Zhang Yunlong). One day he faints and falls into a coma, and while taking care of Zheng Tianle at the hospital, she is misunderstood  to be his fianceé by his parents because of a special diamond ring. Xiaohe gladly plays along, and soon attracts the attention of older brother Zheng Tianchou (Chen Bolin).

Due to premiere on December 8th, the film recently released a promotional theme song (full) sung by JJ Lin.

10 thoughts on “Lin Yun, Chen Bolin star in Disney’s first Chinese rom-com film

    • Now that you bring it up, I think Zhang Yunlong would actually make a great Shang. Chen Bo-lin looks a bit too old for the role.

      I heard the live-action replaces Shang with some other guy, though.

  1. I’m a Zhang Yun Long fan, so would have preferred him as the male lead. I don’t get the Chen Bolin charm, so this movie’s not for me.

  2. How come I think this is similar to while you were sleeping, the hollywood movie?! But I loved that movie so I don’t care haha…

    • Exactly what I thought when read the synopsis…chinese version of “while you were sleeping” by Sandra Bullock

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