Shawn Dou, Nazha in character for romance drama Ten Years Late

Promotional tagline: “Time is limited, so please don’t hide.”

Shawn Dou (Tribes and Empires) is reuniting with the director of See You Again in upcoming romance drama Ten Years Late 十年三月三十日, a loose adaption of Fumi Saimon’s manga series Asunaro Hakusho. Nazha (Fighter of the Destiny) has joined the cast as the female lead.

Yuan Lai (Nazha) was recommended into a sports college, but forgoes the opportunity, and instead decides to attend university with Jin Ran (Shawn Dou). An exciting new chapter of their life begins, and they become fast friends with law student Zhao Chengzhi (Xu Zhengxi) and his girlfriend Shen Shuangshuang (Song Yanfei).

Yuan Lai and Jin Ran drift apart after graduation, and eventually separate due to a misunderstanding. A decade later, Jin Ran returns to Shanghai as a successful executive, and rekindles his romance with Yuan Lai, who is now a product manager at the same travel company.

Written by Dong Xinru (Lost Love in Times), Zou Jiani (Lost Love in Times web special) and Yu Jing, the 45 episode drama started filming a couple of weeks ago.

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