National Treasures come alive in new CCTV program starring Tony Leung, Wang Kai and more

National Treasure 国家宝藏  will showcase 27 historical artifacts from 29 different museums across the country with the help of “protectors” (listed below), who will then present the story behind each piece in a short stage performance.

Actors / hosts featured: Zhang Guoli, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Duan Yihong, Wang Gang, He Jiong, Ma Su, Qin Hailu, Chen Xiao, Jackson Yi Yangqianxi, Liu Yijun, Guo Tao, Lei Jiayin, Guan Xiaotong, Sa Beining, Cai Guoqing, Ren Zhong, Ning Jing

Theme song: A Thousand Years in One Glance 一眼千年 – Na Ying

The 10 episode series will begin airing on December 3rd.

Tony Leung as Sima Guang

Wang Kai as Qianlong

Li Chen as Emperor Huizong of Song

4 thoughts on “National Treasures come alive in new CCTV program starring Tony Leung, Wang Kai and more

  1. Thanks! So nice that you these things that I am not aware of.
    Wish the show’s camera work is less energetic. But it’s really nice to watch the qianli jiangshan art without having to brave through the palace museum crowd. BJ Palace Museum takes so much time to explore.

  2. I’m a sucker for this type of stuff, so I’m super excited for this series.

    As someone who ordered four souvenirs from the qianlijiangshan exhibit that I didn’t even go to, I’m so jealous of Li Chen. He got to film with the painting on a day when the National Palace is closed to the public, skipping the eight-hour lines to see it all by himself.

    Also, if anyone is reading this, I highly recommend buying the qianlijiangshan bookmark online quickly since the exhibit has recently ended. Easily one of the most beautiful bookmarks I’ve seen. Looks even better on a book.

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