Liu Yifei Mulan-like photoshoot

As a part of her casting announcement for Disney’s Mulan, actress Liu Yifei released a photoshoot that is perfect for Mulan. The photoshoot shows her fighting side, but then has others that could easily be captioned “the flower that blooms last is the most beautiful of them all.”

Someone pointed out to me the outfit-pose combo is similar to the MCU’s Elektra, and now I kind of wish the execs could introduce her to the dudes next door and get her in the MCU.

correction: I had originally said this was done for Disney, but several people pointed out that the photographer said it’s an unreleased photoshoot from earlier this year.

4 thoughts on “Liu Yifei Mulan-like photoshoot

  1. Just wanted to drop a note to say that these photos were taken earlier in the year and isn’t related to Mulan :) The photographer recently released these photos.

  2. LOL yeah, this is like version 2 of the modern wuxia shoot she did. It looks great, though! Kinda wish they had released this the same day the news came out because some of the news sites picked the worst LYF photos ever to be featured with the article.

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