Popular crime thriller Day and Night to stream worldwide on Netflix

Good news for international fans who like a dark and gritty crime thriller –  director Wang Wei’s (Buliangren) critically acclaimed Day and Night 白夜追凶 will become the first Mainland Chinese web drama to air on Netflix.

Pan Yueming plays identical twins Guan Hongfeng and Guan Hongyu – the former is a righteous detective who has a fear of darkness, and the latter is an accused killer hiding in his older brother’s apartment. Guan Hongfeng resigns after he is excluded from his younger brother’s case, though is later hired as a consultant by Zhou Xun (Wang Longzheng), the new leader of the criminal investigations unit. Guan Hongyu takes over his brother’s job by night, and the brothers help solve various mysteries while also trying to get their hands on Guan Hongyu’s file.

Screenwriter Zhiwen / ‘Fingerprint’ has been practicing law for 11 years, and his experience shows in the logical details of the show. I’m almost a quarter of the way through the drama myself, and am loving it so far. A sequel starring the original cast is in the works – in the meantime, viewers who don’t require subs can watch the first 16 of 32 episodes on Youku.

2 thoughts on “Popular crime thriller Day and Night to stream worldwide on Netflix

  1. So exciting! Is it the first one though? Are All Quiet in Peking and When a Snail Falls in Love not mainland drama?

    • It’s the first web drama (produced by Chinese streaming sites) to air on Netflix. The other cdramas on the site were all produced for Chinese television. :)

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