Zhang Ziyi looking ethereal for ELLE

Zhang Ziyi is on the cover of Elle’s December issue, and also making headlines with her appearance as a snarky judge on acting variety show Birth of the Performer / Actor 演员的诞生. The variety show isn’t very well-produced (it’s Zhejiang TV after all) but her thinly-veiled criticisms directed towards C-ent’s most popular stars are absolute gold.

2 thoughts on “Zhang Ziyi looking ethereal for ELLE

    • I’m not sure about the other actors she criticised but Zheng Shuang got a lot of heat from Zhang Ziyi. Zheng Shuang kept laughing and wasn’t really taking her scenes seriously. Zhang Ziyi got really mad and even had a mini argument with Liu Ye (she threw her shoe!) who was a fellow judge over ZS’s acting. Liu Ye said Zhang Ziyi was being too hard on Zheng Shuang.. But then ZZY and LY both laughed it off and acted like ZZY being displeased with ZS’s acting was just a joke..

      Watch this clip (no subs unfortunately)

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