25 Under 25: Jiang Jia’en

Delicious food and sweet romance made Jiang Jia’en’s first drama a success.

Breaking out as the adorable Chef Fang from Chef Fang 花间提壶方大厨,  Jiang Jia’en 蒋佳恩 (born in 1997) is a budding actress with only two dramas so far.   I don’t know much about her and her Weibo is pretty empty, but she was cute in the drama, and her company seems to have done a great job launching their artists ( Hou Minghao and Zeng Shunxi) with well-chosen idol dramas.

Fangirl me.

4 thoughts on “25 Under 25: Jiang Jia’en

  1. idarklight, Have you watched The Big Boss 班长 大人? Did you like it? I’m positively surprised by it so far. Li Kai Xin is endearing most of the time and not a loudmouth (unlike *cough Ariel Lin in ISWAK *. Ariel Lin is a great actress, but her ISWAK character is frustrating outside of her funny moments). The remaining TBB cast isn’t bad either. No one’s acting is phenomenal but the whole package has its unique points and merits. I used to find many Tw dramas are so over-the-top that they were nearly unwatchable. I haven’t watched one in a few years. TBB has the feel of some of the Tw comic elements but without being so annoying. So it gives some fun and simple pleasure without the noticeably unpleasant aftertaste.
    There are higher proportion of reasonable web dramas compared to the traditional dramas. I’m surprised to spot LKX in ep 3 of T & Empires. Many of you watch dramas very quickly. I am still in the early part of Games of Hunting.I’m glad to see Hu Ge’s acting there is no longer so awkward after Zheng Qiu Dong is working together with Wan Qian’s Xiong Qing Chun.
    I only skim through T&E. So many scenes are too cruel for me. I feel uneasy just skimming it. I’m surprised I haven’t read a single comment on the queasy factor of T&E.

    • Well, come to think of it, LKX’s character can be loud at times, but she’s not as clueless & helpless as Ariel’s.

  2. I was just thinking that she’d be great on this list. And here she is. Thank you for your post. She seems the most natural actress on the list so far. And possibly one with the least experience to date. Is her other drama out yet? I haven’t had a chance to check.
    I hope Hawick Lau, Joe Chen, Ruby Lin, Wallace Chung, Huang Xiaoming and other relatively more senior actresses and actors, will be able to do delegate more youthful roles to the younger actors.

  3. Even without subtitles, she is very charming in Chef Fang – and she seemed able to hold her own against older actors. The same week I watched Chef Fang, I watched the old Shaw Brothers film, Heads For Sale, and she reminded me of their spunky heroines.

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