Li Yifeng, Jiang Shuying snap pictures In New York

In New York 在纽约 (renamed Wait in Beijing 我在北京等你) is the latest idol romance drama from H&R Century (Huanrui) and MG Studios (Hunan TV), and stars Li Yifeng (Guilty of Mind) and Jiang Shuying (To Be A Better Man) as leads.

30 year old Xu Tian (Li Yifeng) was adopted by an American couple at a young age, and now works as a struggling lawyer in New York. Sheng Xia (Jiang Shuying) comes from a single-parent family, and works as an independent fashion designer who remains optimistic despite making minimal progress in her career.

Shen Kai (George Hu) was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, yet has grown up to be a warm-hearted young man. He keeps a low profile, preferring to work an ordinary office job in the finance industry rather than performing his duties as heir of a corporation. Jia Xiaduo (Jiang Mengjie) is Sheng Xia’s best friend and assistant, and will probably have a love line with Shen Kai.

The 50 episode drama is directed by Yan Po (The Perfect Wedding) and the script is being supervised by Xu Bing (Red, The Literati in Troubled Times).

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