Lin Yun plays twins in upcoming modern romance drama

Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 is a modern romance drama starring Lin Yun (L.O.R.D) as a pair of twin sisters who were separated at birth, and Song Weilong (Long For You) plays the male lead who falls in love with both of them.

Qiaoman (straight hair) and Nansheng (bob cut) have lived apart since their parents divorced, and only reunite during university. She develops a crush on Lin Heping (Song Weilong), though decides to bury her feelings due to his relationship with sister Nansheng.

Lin Heping and Nansheng have always had a troubled relationship, and break up after graduation. Qiaoman and Lin Heping find work at the same company, and Lin Heping eventually falls in love with his ex’s sister.

Supporting leads include Peter Ho (Nothing Gold Can Stay) as the typical second male lead who has a one-sided love for Qiaoman, Li Xin’ai (Princess Weiyoung) as Lin Heping’s colleague who also has a crush on him and Wang Yaoqing (Wine War) as the heir of a rich family.

Adapted from Anni Baobei’s novel of the same name, the 60 (!) episode drama is directed by Wang Xiaokang and written by his sister Wang Jingru, the team behind 2013 rom-com Modern Matchmaker.

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  1. I’m surprised by the age difference between main leads and second leads. Peter looks like Lin Yun’s uncle lol.

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