Chen Kun protects Chen Kun in first teaser for Lost in 1949

Lost in 1949 has followed its first batch of stills with a trailer. We are first introduced to older brother Qiao Zhicai (Chen Kun), a simple man from a humble background who probably becomes involved with the Communists after he decides to help rookie agent Huang Liwen (Wan Qian) find their underground base.

Wang Yaoqing and his underground team are planning to transport a group of intellectuals North in preparation for a new China, which also includes younger brother Qiao Lijie (Chen Kun), a nuclear physicist. Unfortunately the enemies already have him in their sights, and Qiao Zhicai must protect his brother at all costs.

3 thoughts on “Chen Kun protects Chen Kun in first teaser for Lost in 1949

  1. The combined hairstyle choices make her look older than him even though she’s younger. Looking forward to this so much. Wan Qian is the delight of the Game of Hunting.

  2. I guess that they’re only committed to doing (more flattering) period-ish hairstyles for the women’s characters than for the men, but fingers crossed that it’s a good story.

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