First stills for Chen Kun, Wan Qian’s Republican spy drama

Chen Kun (Beautiful Accident) and Wan Qian’s (Guilty of Mind) upcoming drama quietly wrapped up filming in mid-April, and is now going by the official title of Lost in 1949 脱身 (I assume they dropped ‘The/者’ to avoid comparisons with The Disguiser 伪装者).

It’s early 1949, and Communist agent Huang Liwen (Wan Qian) is on her way back to Shanghai to mourn the loss of her husband. At the train station, she accidentally mixes up her suitcase with one of the twins (Chen Kun), and loses the radio station she was supposed to hand to the Communists.

Huang Liwen is ordered to remain in Shanghai, and befriends the street smart Qiao Zhicai in the process (also played by Chen Kun), who will reportedly be taking his younger brother’s place for a major chunk of the drama.

Costars include Wang Jingchun (The Match), Wang Yaoqing (Extraordinary Mission), Zhang Xiaochen (Shuttle Love Millennium), Yin Zhusheng (Impossible Mission) and Cai Wenjing (Above the Clouds). Acclaimed film star Liao Fan (Guilty of Mind) and Winston Chao (Skiptrace) will also be making cameos.

Lost in 1949 is co-produced by Chen Kun and Chen Kuo-fu (Mojin – The Lost Legend), directed by Lin Ke (A Unique Militiaman) and written by Wang Qi’nan (2012 film LOVE) and Wang Qiong. The 50 episode drama is tentatively scheduled to air on Dragon TV and Anhui TV in April 2018.

3 thoughts on “First stills for Chen Kun, Wan Qian’s Republican spy drama

  1. Not a fan of the curls, but everything else looks great. Any news whether Wang Yaoqing will have a romance plot with Wan Qian? They had great chemistry in 小儿难养.

    P.S. Interesting that the Chinese title is about escape, but the English title is about being lost.

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