Assassins has the first decent boyband debut in forever

Ever since Seven Sense, I’ve been waiting for a good zhongguofeng boyband, and the debut of Assassins / Men With Swords 刺客团  delivered.  The MV-song combo is easily one of my favorites from a Chinese idol group in a long time. The  zhongguofeng elements work well within the music arrangement and MV without seeming dated, something even Seven Sense couldn’t do this well. 

Delicious 舌尖美味 is written by the members  Li Wen, Wang Yaochen, Ruan Zeyi, Fang Yifei (names in order of solo parts in the song).

2 thoughts on “Assassins has the first decent boyband debut in forever

  1. I really like it! The combination of the composition and the visuals is very cool. I could’ve done without the English though, although I’m just not a fan of English usage in songs when the singers are not native English speakers.

    Do we have more information about the members? I like they’re not the typical “pretty boy” image. And were some parts in dialect? It sounded really neat.

    • The rap part by Ruan Zeyi is in Cantonese.

      I can’t find any baike or written out info on all the members yet. Hopefully there’ll be more info out soon. All I know is that they came out of the company that did Men With Sword 刺客列传.

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