A New Meteor Garden, a new F4 cast

Yes, it’s that time again. Welcome to another version of one of the most adapted mangas in Asia – Hana Yori Dango / Boys Over Flowers / Meteor Garden .

Helmed by producer Angie Chai of the original Meteor Garden,  New Meteor Garden 新流星花园  recently announced its cast of the four male leads, members of the clique F4.  There’s no news on who’s who yet.  The four male leads – Connor Leong, Dylan Wang Hedi, Darren Chen, and Caesar Wu Xize  – average 21 years old and are all fairly new actors. The female lead is Shen Yue, whose first major drama is only airing this week.

Will the new cast get instant famous like every other cast so far?

Female lead is played by 20-year-old Shen Yue in her second major role.

I have no idea what any of them actually look like, but based on this photoshoot, I’ll take Wang Hedi as Daoming Si

Wang Hedi as ???

Although based on the hair, Darren Chen seems to be Daoming Si.

Connor Leong as ???

Caesar Wu Xize as ??

14 thoughts on “A New Meteor Garden, a new F4 cast

  1. Official news from the press conference today:
    Wang Hedi – Dao Mingsi
    Connor Leong – Mei Zuo
    Darren Chen (Guan Hong) – Hua Zelei
    Caesar Wu Xize – Xi Men

  2. Chinese dramas both Mainland and Hong Kong needs to stop calling their remakes “new” …as that will be the title forever. They should just call it Meteor Garden 2018 and leave it at that, instead of New Meteor Garden

  3. My guess-
    Based on the first set of pictures…(1) Curly Hair = Dao min si ( Main Guy)
    (2) The one with the black earings long hair no bandana = the flirty guy (3) The bandana guy is the gangster one and (4) the one with the short hair is the white knight ( Ji hoo – second lead)

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