25 Under 25: Mango Little Actors

Rated 9.3/10 on the Chinese version of IMDb, the child actors’ version of Dream of the Red Chamber has the highest rating for a recent Chinese drama and fourth overall.

 A series  for some of my favorite up-and-rising young artists. Most of them aren’t big enough to have fancy photo shoots, but they’re cute. 

Actors who can read their own lines, do their own stunts, dance, and sing? Welcome to the world of Mango Little Actors / Star of Tomorrow 芒果小戏骨, a Hunan local show that features incredibly talented child actors who put many of their adult counterparts to shame.

The group came to fame after their cute rendition of Disney’s Mulanand then solidified their ability to nail serious roles in mini series  Dream of the Red Chamber.  They have also  recreated condensed versions of Hunanese tales like Liu Sanjie, as well as classics like Romance of the Three Kingdoms  and Madame White Snake.

Watch a side-to-side comparison of their recreation of Disney’s Mulan:

11-year-old Tao Yixi 陶奕希, who has starred as Diaochan and Madame White Snake, does all of her own dance and songs.

12-year-old Zhong Yifan 钟熠璠  is pretty much perfect as Xue Baochai

9-year-old Luo Xiyi 罗熙怡 nails being a grandma.

Watch how  9-year-old Guo Feige  prepares to bring out the emotions for  an  insert song here and get ready to cry.

Jia Baoyu’s actor, 11-year-old Shi Xiaosong 释小松, has been training at the Shaolin Temple since he was three.

12-year-old Ge Yide 葛奕德 as Lv Bu

I love how they even got miniature horses for these miniature Oath of the Peach Garden bros.

5 thoughts on “25 Under 25: Mango Little Actors

  1. I love the kids but I enjoyed the shows. But I am sensing this is becoming another child misused. Another way to may lots of money at the expense of cheaper labour. Some of the kids will start losing their childhood due to pushy parents.

    • Pushy parents are going to be pushy parents regardless of the opportunities. At least this team so far seems to be focused on filming rather than exploiting the kids. All of the scripts are edited to be child appropriate, and the crew all seem to be pretty civil and considerate of the kids’ limits.
      Most of the other “idol” companies using kids are far worse alternatives (cough, TF Boys’ company and their homoerotic scripts, cough).

      • I do agree. I believe the working environment will be good for the kids. But if the production company makes lots of money, they will not be paying for the stars accordingly. I hope the is a project that will donate a good sum of profits to further support other children that needs support. It will be a shame to exploit kids innocence and cuteness to make profit. I always fine that rather uncomfortable.
        One-off festive projects are fine but if it is becoming a source of very good revenue for them, it can spark a bad practise….
        I believe kids should be kids to have fun, learn and study. But to be used as a profit making tool is just dangerous. As this practise can get dangerous in the wrong hands.

  2. Thanks! I have watched their Mulan movie. Cute. I haven’t liked the rest as much. I hope the little actors don’t have pushy parents. I saw some hints in some BTS videos

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