For the A Better Tomorrow 2018 英雄本色 2018 press conference, Wang Kai and Ma Tianyu filmed a fun video from the view of a first-person shooter video game, with I think Wang Kai’s hand as the gun and Ma Tianyu as the “pov” and the rest of the cast as the victims.

3 thoughts on “Wang Kai, Ma Tianyu in First Person Shooter video game clip”

  1. Can you help!! 毛丫丫被婚记 , 淘婚记 both dramas of him already released or yet to come? If are upcoming so when?

  2. How will they make it relavant? especially if this is being filmed in Mandarin. Without the Cantonese dialect, I would think the whole meaning of the movie would not show through. At least they have two good actors…although, nothing can beat the original movie.

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