Air date update, November 2017

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Game of Hunting is finally going to air! Director/screenwriter Jiang Wei (Lurk, Borrow Gun) has always produced solid dramas – Hu Ge’s participation is just icing on the cake.

Update: Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy is probably going to premiere online at the end of November.

From tonight, the path will be bright  路从今夜白之遇见青春 – Nov 1
Featuring: An Yuexi, Chen Ruoxuan
Details: 32 episodes, 2 eps every Mon-Thurs on Hunan TV

Focuses on the sweet romance between two genius arts students. Like all college romance novels, they breakup due to a misunderstanding, yet eventually find their way back to each other.

Inference Notes 推理笔记 – Nov 3
Featuring: Zhang Zifeng, Hou Minghao
Details: 24 episodes, daily drama on LeTV
A student with a split personality takes on the job of a local detective after several mysterious events happen at her school.

Game of Hunting 猎场 – Nov 6
Featuring: Hu Ge, Zhang Jiayi, Sun Honglei, Zu Feng, Chen Long, Wan Qian
Details: 45 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
Tells the story of a white-collar worker who works his way up the corporate ladder to become the most successful headhunter in the industry.

My Huckleberry Friends 你好, 旧时光 – Nov 7
Featuring: Li Landi, Zhang Xincheng
Details: 30 episodes, daily drama on iQiyi

A coming-of-age drama that focuses on the friendship between two teens who have known each other since primary school, and the worries of high school students at the cusp of graduation.

A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 – Nov 9
Featuring: Shen Yue, Hu Yitian
Details: 24 episodes, daily drama on Tencent
A pair of high school sweethearts rekindle their relationship in adulthood, and live happily ever after.

Your Highness 拜见宫主大人 – Nov 9
Featuring: Kenny Kwan, Sun Xuening
Details: weekly drama on Sohu
Revolves around a passionate gamer who time travels into his favourite RPG game Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

My P.E Teacher 我的! 体育老师 – Nov 13
Featuring: Zhang Jiayi, Wang Xiaochen
Details: 30 episodes, daily drama on Zhejiang TV
A forty something P.E. teacher starts dating a twenty something girl, who becomes fast friends with his teenage daughter.

Face Off 特化师 – Nov 17
Featuring: Tan Songyun, Zhang Danfeng, Ying Haoming, Dai Chao
Details: 40 episodes, weekly drama on iQiyi
Focuses on the romance between a genius special effects make up artist and an optimistic cosmetics sales assistant.

I Am Not An Elite 我不是精英 – Nov 20
Featuring: Lei Jiayin, Deng Jiajia
Details: 40 episodes, daily drama on Jiangsu TV
Tells of the bickering romance between a detective and his jobless girlfriend, though she turns the tables on him when she eventually becomes a white-collar worker at a big firm, and he is demoted to a local police officer.

Unable to Hug You 无法拥抱的你 – Nov 20
Featuring: Xing Zhaolin, Zhang Yuxi
Details: 32 episodes, weekly drama on Sohu
Focuses on the romance between a perfectionist and a mysterious young girl.

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 海上牧云记 – Nov 21
Featuring: Huang Xuan, Shawn Dou, Zhou Yiwei, Xu Lu, Janice Man, Wan Qian
Details: 80 episodes, daily drama on Youku, Tencent, iQiyi
Revolves around the friendship between a half-human half-spirit prince, an outcast son of a general and a heir to a nomadic tribe.

Beijing People in Beijing 北京人在北京 – Nov 22
Featuring: Zhang Jiayi, Jiang Wu, Guo Jinglin, Che Xiao
Details: 47 episodes, daily drama on Beijing TV / Dragon TV
Set in the 70s, the story spans 20 years and follows the lives of four brothers as they navigate life outside their traditional courtyard.

Heart of Greed 3 溏心风暴3 – Nov 27
Featuring: Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, Louise Lee, Michelle Yim
Details: daily drama on Tencent
Revolves around the conflict between the elite Xu Family who has always been part of the upper class, and the ordinary Huang family, who worked their way up the social ladder.

12 thoughts on “Air date update, November 2017

        • Thanks for the tips. It’s hard to want to watch the 2nd episode of GoH. I don’t recall seeing this kind of awkward acting from Hu Ge. For non-idol dramas, IT Name of People had much better acting at the start. ITNOP was just too long. Too pedantic and preachy. I like the acting in Dark Ice, but it’s hard to find a good place to watch it. The plot is mostly fine.

          Wang Luo Dan’s ER: I didn’t finish episode 1. It felt mediocre too. She’s never among my fav actresses to begin with. Her voice is too sharp. Zhang Jiayi looked awkward playing a doc. WLD’s acting is still not my thing.

          I watched the beginning of 路从今夜白 but get bothered-ish by the supporting actresses and actors. Especially the young ones. Though tbh, I didn’t have much impression of the 30 minute of the drama that I watched. Did they not limited experience prior to this drama? Not sure I can watch that much of it.

          • Seriously, this is the worst acting I’ve seen from Hu Ge in a while. The actress for Jinyun, often considered the worst actor in The Disguiser, is more natural in her role as random employee X than him in Game of Hunting. And the female lead is even worse than him.

            I pretty much just fastforward through 路从今夜白 and only watch the leads’ romance scenes since I need my daily cute romance fix.

            • That actress Jinyun’s Disguiser acting wasn’t the most horrible of C actresses. Other Disguiser actors did well, so she stood out. I remember her acting in saving a boy episodes was very bad. After that she got cutoff almost completely from the entire drama. Her train scenes weren’t great either. But many Joe Chen roles from the past few years don’t look a lot better.
              I don’t know what Hu Ge was eating when he filmed GoH. He was fine in non-period dramas before. Unbeatable, Refresh 7+3 (I only saw episode 1), Life Revelations.
              I’ve never seen the young lead actor in Burning Ice in any C drama before. I don’t even know his name yet, but his acting looked a lot better than HG in GoH.

              Zhang Yu Xi’s acting looks pretty bad to me, but a lot of viewers comment on how beautiful she is.

              • By young actor in Burning Ice, I meant the one who looks younger the male lead Qin Hao.

                Thank you for your tips efferves.

            • I had to skip so much of episodes one and two I ended up having no idea what he was even arrested for. The acting was just unbearable. Honestly, even Zu Feng was bad. It’s not like I have high standards since I wasn’t too disturbed by Jinyun in Disguisers, but I feel like Yiren is dragging down everyone’s ability. Before reading some of the comments here, I thought I was crazy because youtube was full of praise for how fantastic this drama is.
              Things did get drastically better when Sun Honglei came into the picture so I urge those starting the drama to power through the first few episodes.

      • Thanks to all 3 of you. These 2 dramas look more promising than many other love-themed dramas with bigger name actors. With max number of eps at 40, it’s less likely the leads and their parents will have to make extraneous trips for medical emergencies or other dog blood plot-twists. Like crazy stunts by disapproving parents.
        The gibberish that some writers write for ZLY and YM dramas to stretch out the number of eps to 60+ renders me speechless. Even “better dramas with big budgets” like Sun Li’s NGCS stretch the plot by having the lead girl have numerous male admirers. Have several female supporting characters hating, backstabbing our Mary Sue lead. Or both. A slew of palace dramas; many BBJX type dramas do this. Z Shuang, A Baby, LSS, YM, TY, FBB do a lot of them.

        I also like your past posts on Advisors’ Alliance and others.

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