25 Under 25: Zheng Yecheng

Zheng Yecheng is actually trained in fighting roles in Peking Opera from the Central Drama Academy, which makes me hope that he’ll go into action one day.

 A series  for some of my favorite up-and-rising young artists. Most of them aren’t big enough to have fancy photo shoots, but they’re cute. Feel free to leave a comment if you want some featured. 

Zheng Yecheng 郑业成 (born in 1993) was definitely the highlight of O2O for me. His sheepish smile is contagious, and their side-plot is probably one of my favorite side-romances in a while.

Since then, he’s starred in a number of quirky romances, including my favorite rom-com so far this year, Let’s Shake It.  He’s not a phenomenal actor, but   his youthful cuteness is enough for him to  pull off most of his roles so far. Plus, his martial arts training could give him a leg up for wuxia roles.

He’s currently filming Fantastical Nights in the Tang Dynasty  盛唐幻夜, an ancient series with Wu Qian.

When you’re cute enough to talk with your mouth full.

8 thoughts on “25 Under 25: Zheng Yecheng

  1. I didn’t know he was in 020 back then! I think his acting improved a lot! He’s starring as main role now. He was in An Oriental Odessy and now the currently airing Killing of 3000 crows (I find his acting pretty good as a playful/flirty/love sick diety). He was also in Royal Nirvana which I thought he did pretty good. He can play not just a quirky cute role but also a serious melodramatic one too. He just needs more practice and experience, and it will come in time.

    • I was really suspicious of him pulling of Jiuyun, but I think he’s doing a pretty good job so far. I’ve never really been amazed by his acting, but he always seems to pull off every character he plays. Like you said, I think he has it in him and just needs more experience.

  2. Chinese audience here and he is definitely one of the 90s actor that has acting skills in China. Wish him all the best in the future..
    PS: one thing I like about him is he has a changing face according to dramas/movies (剧变脸) – where people don’t realise it was the same actor for different characters, means he’s actually a diverse actor.
    – Yu Zao Chuan from Intouchable
    – Gao Mai from He and His Son
    – Xiao Yue from Hua Qian Gu (The Journey of Flower)
    – Song Yu from Mi Yue Zhuan (Legend of MiYue)
    – Young Wang General son from Shen Diao Xia Lv (The Legend of Condor Heroes)
    – Hao Mei/Mojata from Love O2O
    – Tang Qing Feng from Chan Dou Ba A Bu! (Let’s Shake It)

    • Agreed. If you can act out a role and pull it of without people knowing it was you it only means you nailed that role. I remember him in Royal Nirvana and LO20 but seeing him in killing a thousand crows he was not drowned by other actors he cannhold it as a main character. In oriental oddesy he still needed more expereince but niw he has improved. Hope to see him in a totured soul kinda role.

  3. Thank you! I like both Let’s Shake It and this actor (though I do hope his acting could improve a weeee bit). LSI is among my favorites for this year. The first dozen plus episodes are a nice break from the usual. I’m such a goody cutesy high-achieving Mary Sue meeting my Gary and a handful of wonderful, backup Prince Charming’s.

    Could you please consider doing the female lead in the upcoming school-themed web drama A Love So Beautiful? I’m not sure she has been in anything yet, but maybe there will be more stuff out in 2 months?

    I hope in a few years, many of these youngsters will be celebs with even greater skills.

    • Same here, it’s one of the few dramas I actually watched a second time.

      According to her baidu baike, she was actually a minor character in Let’s Shake It. I don’t remember her, though. I’ll wait until the drama comes out and see if I like her.

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