The cast of Ruyi don regal attire in new posters

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is a 90 episode epic that will chronicle the failed marriage of Ruyi (Zhou Xun) and the Qianlong Emperor (Wallace Huo), and has just released grand posters of its cast in formal court robes (chaofu / 朝服), which is worn strictly during state ceremonies and important festivalsThe historical romance drama is tentatively scheduled for a New Year premiere.

Detailed character introductions can be found here.

Wallace Huo as Qianlong / Hongli

Janine Chang as Hailan

Dong Jie as Langhua

Xin Zhilei as Jin Yuyan

Tong Yao as Gao Xiyue

Li Chun as Wei Yanwan

Vivian Wu as Zhen Huan

Joan Chen as Empress Yixiu

Li Qin as Han Xiangjian

Hu Ke as Su Lvyun

He Hongshan as Bai Ruiji

Chen Haoyu as Yihuan

Zeng Yixuan as Ah Ruo

Cao Xiwen as Chen Wanyin

Zhang Jianing as Meiruo

Liu Meitong as Lady Bai’ergesi

Yu Ziyang (Yu Yang) as Lu Muping


4 thoughts on “The cast of Ruyi don regal attire in new posters

  1. Gosh they all look so gorgeous in the most humble way. Color palette has been pleasing so far and honestly, it would be hard to turn away from this drama just because everyone and everything is so captivating, even with it being 90 episodes. I was thinking I won’t be watching because of how long this will be dragged out but these promos are really game changers lol.

    • The resemblance is uncanny. Speaking of Zhang Ziyi, I checked out her variety stint 演员的诞生, and it further cements the fact that all Zhejiang TV’s variety department has is truckloads of money.

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