Promo Round-up: Oh My General

Oh My General is the latest drama from Lv Haojiji (Go Princess Go!), and stars Ma Sichun (Soul Mate) as a badass female general of the Song dynasty, who is ordered to marry an immature and frivolous prince, played by Sheng Yilun (Pretty Li Huizhen).

This is Ma Sichun’s first project since her win at the Golden Horse Awards, so I’ll be curious to see if she can still bring out her best without the guidance of an experienced director like Peter Chan. The 60 episode drama will air weekly on Youku beginning tonight.

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6 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Oh My General

  1. The color scheme is so stylized and vibrant that I kind of like it. Ma Sichuan really fits this type of costumes. I think this is her best drama look so far.

  2. That blue! I can’t get over it. I may watch it, in no small part, for that lapis blue. Also, the smiling girl with the huge mace on her shoulder. I definitely want to see her in action.

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