#That hair tho # I woke up like this

You’re probably most likely to recognize Zeng Shunxi 曾舜晞 (born in 1997)  from Fighter of the Destiny, but he was also in the Fresh Geek boyband with Hou Minghao. The two are the only two left of the boyband that’s still with Laure Shang.

Zeng Shunxi  stars as the male lead in idol drama 青春最好时 opposite Zhang Xueying and seems to mostly be doing internet-only idol dramas.

Does he look like an adult-sized En-huh (Du Jiang and Huo Siyan’s son) …
… a mixed Wu Lei
… or Jackson Wang with bigger eyes.
When you give up on laundry.


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3 thoughts on “25 under 25: Zeng Shunxi”

  1. He does have very striking features! Is he mixed?

    Also, what did happen with fresh? I remember they had that Chinese-French song which was pretty cool

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