Qin Junjie, Xu Lu confirmed for The Disguiser writer’s new spy drama


Spy Hunter 天衣无缝 comes from screenwriter and author Zhang Yong (The Disguiser) and director Li Lu (In the Name of the People), and has cast up-and-coming actors Qin Junjie (The Glory of Tang Dynasty) and Xu Lu (Candle in the Tomb: Weasel Grave) as leads.

Spy Hunter is based on Zhang Yong’s Guiwan’s Diary, the last book in her acclaimed spy novel trilogy that also consisted of Imminent Crisis (Wallace Chung led the drama adaption) and The Disguiser. Translations of related excerpts can be found here.

1931, Spring. The Communists have set up communication stations in Shanghai, Guangdong and Harbin, and agents ‘Ashtray’ / Guiwan (Xu Lu) and ‘Jade Porcelain’ (Ah Cheng from The Disguiser) are also trying to set up a station in Paris. Unfortunately, there was a traitor in their midst, and Guiwan is killed as a result (perhaps a fake death?)

Guiwan’s half-brothers Zi Liping (Qin Junjie) and Gui Yi (Hu Haifeng) work together to set up an intricate revenge plan, intending to capture the traitor and reopen the communication station. Supporting leads include Zhang Zhixi (The Advisors Alliance) as Fang Yifan, Zhu Gangriyao (Love Actually) as Zi Li’an and Mo Xiaoqi (The Insanity) as Su Mei.

Lu Yi (Blind Date) will be guest starring as main antagonist Zi Liqun, and his In the Name of the People costars Hu Jing, Wu Gang, Xu Yajun, Li JianyiZhang Kaili, Ding Haifeng and Xu Wenguang will also be seen in the drama. Other familiar faces who will be making special appearances include Ding Yongdai (emperor in Nirvana in Fire), Wu Yue (mistress in The First Half of My Life), Tong Liya and Qian Yongchen, who will be playing a member of the Ming family.

5 thoughts on “Qin Junjie, Xu Lu confirmed for The Disguiser writer’s new spy drama

  1. I am surprised to find that the most outstanding actor in the drama is Hu Hai Feng who acts as Gui Yi. He is not even the main actor. But the actors all did a good job.

  2. Will Wang Kai return? Or will they recast another actor? Or will Ah Cheng only be mentioned? So many questions!

    • I was wondering the same too! :( I think it may be a bit of stretch to expect WK to return (or Jin Dong or the others for that matter), mainly because this is a different production house from Shandong/Daylight who did Disguiser, and also because this is a character in their early 20s. I am still hoping for a cameo tho!

  3. Not disliking Lu Yi as a actor but him as a lead with Liying in Rookie Agent Rouge really killed the drama for me. I found the second lead a more prefect choice.
    Glad Lu Yi is not lead here. He is a good actor, I believe he will be a good second lead.

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