Music Monday: Cutest of Xianzi

What Did I See In You 看走眼 is the last of Xianzi’ adorable MV’s, a surprisingly chirpy song scolding her playboy boyfriend (who irl is her husband’s former roommate).

Here’s a throwback to singer Xianzi, known for her distinct vocals and cute songs back at the peak of Taiwanese mandopop.   The Guangxi native has since then moved back to the mainland and got married to ex-Top Combine member Li Mao . Unfortunately she now seems to mostly be singing boring Tan Xuan OST’s. 

Hey Dad 老爹 ft 迪克牛仔 Dick and Cowboy
This adorable father-daughter duet is soooo cute and one of my all time favorites. His raspy rocker voice and her clear voice sound great together.

Irreplaceable 無可取代. This MV had no budget but her hair is adorable.

Give Me Your Hand 給我你的手

Her claim to fame, Can’t Help Falling In Love 不得不愛, a cover duet with Wilber Pan aka Peter Pan

She also has some great ballads. Here’s a playlist for more Xianzi cuteness:

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