25 Under 25: Zhang Xueying

With both the looks and the acting, Zhang Xueying is already starring in major roles.

A series  for some of my favorite up-and-rising young artists. Most of them aren’t big enough to have fancy photo shoots, but they’re cute. I don’t know a lot of them, so feel free to leave a comment if you want some featured.  

Former child actress Zhang Xueying (1997) is no stranger to most. She even signed with Yu Zheng for a year or two  and starred in series such as The Condor Heroes and Ban Shu Legend.

The Central Drama Academy sophomore seems to mostly going the idol drama route for now.   She currently starring in idol drama 青春最好时 and will be starring in a remake of Summer of Bubbles opposite Qin Junjie.


1 thought on “25 Under 25: Zhang Xueying

  1. I’ve watched a couple of dramas with her (and I actually liked her) but I didn’t know she was this young! Now I feel so inadequate… Anyway, I this this series is really interesting. Maybe I’ll steal this idea for my blog if I ever stop procrastinating…

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