Aaron Kwok, Zhao Liying’s republican spy film gears up for premiere

Eternal Wave 密战 is the movie remake of the 1958 action spy film of the same name (Chinese title: 永不消失的电波). In 1930s Shanghai, an anonymous telegraph leads the puppet government to an important underground meeting point and the death of a skilled Communist agent. Aaron Kwok (Peace Breaker) infiltrates the Kuomintang as a businessman from Chongqing to find the betrayer.

Zhao Liying (Princess Agents) costars as the innocent and upright Lanfang, a fellow agent who acts as his wife. Zhang Han, coming off a well-received turn as an immature soldier in Wolf Warrior 2, plays a conflicted agent who has to decide between survivalan agent who struggles between survival or following his personal beliefs.

Costars include Simon Yam (Colour of the Game) and Zhang Lanxin (Railroad Tigers) as Japanese officers who are out to thwart the Communists’ plans. Zhu Yilong (Royal Sister Returns) plays a fellow Communist spy, while Yu Xiaoguang (The Wolf Warriors) plays a mysterious photographer. 

Directed by Zhong Shaoxiong (Revenge for Love) and written by Zhang Tan (Legend of the Naga Pearls), the movie is slated to premiere on November 3rd.


Themesong: Unfailing by Jin Zhiwen

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