First teases at 2018 dramas

Hunan TV’s latest ad for 2018 revealed first footage of some major upcoming  dramas, including:

Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

7 thoughts on “First teases at 2018 dramas

  1. I have never seen NiNi or Chen Kun act before, being a relative newbie to Chinese dramas (I only started watching about a year and a half ago).but I’ve heard such great things about them too -near universal acclaim – so I am really looking forward to The Rise of the Phoenixes.

    After the shambolic mess that was Princess Agents, I don’t think I can watch Zhao LiYing (or any of the assoc cast) in a historical piece for some time, but we live to see. I really do like historical/costume dramas

  2. I intend to watch Phoenixes. No 1 on the list is Ming Lan? I’ll check out how Ming Lan is, but I’m allergic to FSF, and the last ZLY drama I liked was Cuo Dian Yuan Yang. Chusen was choppy & incoherent. PA was craptastic. Hua Qian Gu’s ending was horrid.

    YM’s productions are all a bit too vacuous for my taste, though I liked the first 20 episodes of the Interpreters (and the charm of C mythology in 3l3w. But the entire 3l3w franchise was marred by the whole plagiarism mess). I feel the same about selected members of her staff and co-stars like Dilraba, Vengo Gao, Zhang Yunlong and a few others. Some of them are better suited for modeling careers. Or need strong directors for the emotional scenes. 2nd half of Interpreters was too dog blood already. The sequel sounds even worse.

    I may check out the start of M Univ.

  3. Looking forward to a great number of this shows except Zhang Han’s. But will still give it a shot. Might be a enjoyable drama. I am currently not enjoying his current drama at all… The Legendary Tycoon. He is not the right person to wear Sir Run Run Shaw’s shoes…

  4. Where is Storm of Tribes and Prophecy???? I’m starting to lose hope that I will ever see this drama air in my lifetime. It was literally the only drama that I was hoping to watch in 2017….

  5. Ridiculously excited for The Rise of Phoenixes – must have replayed those few seconds more than a dozen times.
    Might check out Sweet Combat premiere, just to see how the OTP went from reel to real. Also curious to see how dog-blooded The Negotiator will get- apparently the drama got pulled from its planned August air date due to the crazy plot. XD
    I’ll probably be watching Zhu Yilong cuts when The Story of Minglan comes out.

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