Colourful new trailer for Peter Ho, Zhu Yilong’s upcoming fantasy idol drama

Flowers Withering Flowers Flying Covering the Sky is an upcoming drama produced by the company behind Border Town Prodigal and Yan Kuan’s The Shaw Eleven Lang. The HQ version of the 6 minute trailer can be found here.

Li Xin’ai (Princess Weiyoung) plays Qingcheng, a princess who refuses to enter into a political marriage due to her one-sided love for general Hua Mantian, played by Peter Ho (Nothing Gold Can Stay)Zhang Xinyu (The Song of Phoenix) plays Xie Qianxun, a noble lady and true love of Hua Mantian. Her family is accused of treason, though she is able to escape unscathed after agreeing to switch faces with the princess.

Even Yu Zheng could do better than this…

After the switch, Xie Qianxun (now played by Li Xinai) loses her memory, and ends up marrying Hua Mantian. For some reason the magic doesn’t last very long, and the two eventually regain their original appearances. Zhu Yilong (Border Town Prodigal) plays Hua Wuxie, who seems to be romantically interested in the real princess Qingcheng.

Costars include Zhu Zixiao (Happy Mitan) as Sima Qingfeng, rival of Hua Mantian, Yu Xiaotong (Ten Deadly Sins) as Hua Feiyang, Yu Shaoqun (Founding of an Army) as Liu Fengzhu and Kou Zhenhai as Sima Guangzong, a greedy official who wants to eliminate the Hua family.

Directed by Lai Shuiqing and Tan Ruimin (both worked on The Deer and the Cauldron 2014), the 66 episode drama has yet to secure an air date or broadcast network.



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  1. So I watched the trailer when it was posted in weibo and… and… it’s colorful and the plot line already has me confused. Le sigh. I want this drama to do well.

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