The Years You Were Late releases stills, adds Yin Tao as female lead

I commented in an earlier post that The Years You Were Late was sounding a lot like Yin TaoFeather Flies to the Sky, and funnily enough, she was soon confirmed as the female lead opposite Huang Xiaoming (A Life Time Love).

Huang Xiaoming plays Mu Jianfeng, an upright soldier who becomes a businessman after retiring from the military. Despite the change in career, Mu Jianfeng still sees himself as a proper soldier, and doesn’t back down in the face of hardship.

Yin Tao plays Mo Li, a fearless and beautiful young soldier who desires freedom and doesn’t like to take the rules seriously. Mo Li and Mu Jianfeng are separated when the latter travels south to search for new business opportunities, and both of them eventually settle down with new partners.

Qin Hailu (White Deer Plain) plays Zhao Yiqin, the charming girl next door who falls in love with Mu Jianfeng. Cao Bingkun (The Battle at the Dawn) plays a disabled businessman who values money above all else, though Zhao Yiqin’s appearance eventually thaws his cold heart.

Directed by Lin Ke (A Unique Militiaman) and written by original author Yan Geling (Youth), the 30 episode drama is still in the midst of filming.

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