Sheng Yilun’s Swire God gets name change, releases new stills

Here are the first stills for Sheng Yilun and Wang Ziwen‘s upcoming wuxia fantasy drama, which has officially changed its name to God of Lost Fantasy.

Qin Wentian (Sheng Yilun) survives an assassination attempt ordered by his future in-laws, as well as a royal edict ordering the death of his entire family. While on the run, he meets Fan Le (Yang Tun) and Ruo Huan (Wu Peirou), two martial artists who take him to the Jiuhua Sect. In the sect, he meets his future sweetheart Mo Qingcheng (Wang Ziwen) and the crown prince Yi Wuwei (Jacky Heung), who is also in hiding after the third prince (Liu Runnan) launched a successful coup.

Qin Wentian protects the legitimate royal heir from harm, and eventually succeeds in returning peace to the kingdom. Tang Jingmei (Lost Love in Times) plays Bai Qiuxue, one of the four beauties in the land who has a crush on Qin Wentian.

The supporting cast include Jing Gangshan (Wished) as the leader of the sect, Tse Kwan-ho (Guilty of Mind) as the deputy leader, Zhang Yao (White Deer Plain) as the heroine’s guardian, Huang Haibing (Detective Dee) as Qin Wentian’s godfather, Huang Zheng (A Chinese Odyssey: Part III) as the ambitious noble backing the third prince and Chen Mengqi (The Fatal Mission) as Qin Wentian’s main rival.

The 48 episode drama is produced by the company behind Hawick Lau’s The Legend of Jade Sword 莽荒记 and directed by Hu Chuxi (New Detective 1 & 2).

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