Pre-school classmates married: Zhou Fang, Liu Chang

The  couple back in their middle school, where they exchanged letters every day.

Actress Zhou Fang ( Lovebirds 戏点鸳鸯 aka one of the cutest cdramas of all times)  recently got married to director Liu Chang (With You 最好的我们), and their love story is as cute as any idol drama.  The two went to pre-school together, dated once in middle school, once in high school, and then one last time in college that resulted  in marriage.   Here’s her story loosely translated.

Yes, I married the boy who’s been in my life for 24 years.

I met Liu Chang in middle school.

Scrawny, around my height.

Every afternoon, we took the k54 bus home.

Before he got off at his stop every day, we would exchange a letter that we wrote  each other.   

We’ve kept every one of those letters to this day.

I still remember what he wrote in them.

“It’s as if I’m panting on a treadmill that won’t stop, and you pushed the stop button before I fell. You had always held up my sky for me, and you still do now.”

That year, I was 13, he was 14.

He made me realize that maybe this was love was like.

After that, we went to different high schools and didn’t see each other anymore.

Then, we saw each other on the day of our college entrance exams  and exchanged numbers.

That summer is the most wonderful summer I can remember.

Every night we would take long walks together.

We would lie down on the slides at a playground and watch the stars.

We would ride a borrowed moto through one tunnel after another.

We would meander through parks hand in hand. 

We would talk about our childhood stories, our future dreams, and our love for each other. 

It was then when we found out we were kindergarten mates from the class next door.

That summer was  too wonderful.

That year I was 18, he was 19.

He let me know this was what love is like.

But by the time we had met, we had already filled out our college applications.

He went to Beijing Film Academy. I went to Shanghai Drama Academy.

We chose to keep this love inside.

Later he told me, the day I went to Shanghai, he carved our names on our slide.

Liu Chang spent a weekend with the photographer to try and find all the locations for their wedding shoot, and this slide where he once curved their names was the hardest find.

In 2010, I received an audition for New My Fair Princess (新还珠格格).

They told me to audition in Beijing, but asked me to bring my own partner to audition with.

I thought of him.  

After the audition, he told me if I succeeded, I should buy him a meal.  

I said okay, then I left for Shanghai.

That year I was 21, he was 22.

He made me realize that maybe this was fate.

We were meant to be together.

I took him out for a meal, and we’ve been eating together for seven years.

We have never separated again, and never will.


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