Zhang Yunlong, Qiao Xin star in modern idol drama In Youth

In Youth 趁我们还年轻 is an idol romance set in the corporate world, and stars Zhang Yunlong (Xuanyuan Sword: Clouds of Han) and Qiao Xin (Ode to Joy) as leads.

Fan Shuchen (Zhang Yunlong) is Lin Ziyu’s (Qiao Xin) superior and secret fuerdai (second generation nouveau riche), though the two start off on the wrong foot due to a small misunderstanding. As per usual, they eventually fall in love after getting to know each other, though misunderstandings aboun when Lin Ziyu is suspected of being a spy from a rival company.

Production company Jaywalk Studio has cast its own artists Liu Ruilin, Huang Mengying and Daisy in various supporting roles, while Yao Yichen (Legend of Nine-Tailed Fox) plays the main antagonist Luo Zongliang, a corporate spy who is acquainted with Lin Ziyu.

The 40 episode drama is directed by Wang Ying (The Interpreter) and written by Wang Yun (Somewhere Only We Know).

9 thoughts on “Zhang Yunlong, Qiao Xin star in modern idol drama In Youth

  1. Zhang Yunlong!! He’s so cute. I’m in. I hope the drama would be good though. 40 episodes sounds like a lot of opportunities for the drama to go the wrong way down (especially with a corporate setting)….

    • Yes that’s her! Most likely a guest role – seems like she’s been branching into everything these days, hoping one will work. Didn’t Liu Wen gain more popularity after her Chinese WGM stint with Choi Siwon?

      And haha, you cut off Jing Boran in your dp XD

      • Yeah, Liu Wen is now crazy popular. I don’t think she’s acted much? Xi Mengyao’s face might be more acting-friendly, though, since it’s closer to a conventional actress face than Liu Wen’s.

        I tried but couldn’t get both JBR + NN in :( This was the only photo (and a BTS photo at that) of them that I thought they looked better together than apart.

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