Yang Zishan, Han Dongjun star in drama version of Never Gone

Never Gone: So You Are Still Here 原来你还在这里 is the drama adaption of Xin Yiwu’s youth romance novel of the same name, and stars Yang Zishan and Han Dongjun as a pair of high school frenemies turned lovers who break-up and make-up over the years due to a series of misunderstandings (involving money and in-laws, if I remember correctly).

The movie version suffered from awkward storytelling and even more awkward acting – I think it’ll be pretty easy to surpass the film, especially with Lin Yufen (Ten Miles Peach Blossom, Love O2O) at the helmHer ability to create the most heart-fluttering romances out of the worst plots is a skill every director should learn.

The 36 episode drama is a co-production between Ruyi Films (Once Upon A Time) and Tangren (Bu Bu Jing Xin, Wuxin: The Monster Killer) and is written by Jin Guodong (Boss & Me, Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds).

4 thoughts on “Yang Zishan, Han Dongjun star in drama version of Never Gone

  1. So Li Yundi is playing the younger version of the leads and Han Dongjun the older version, which is kind of weird since they just had a drama where the two were together (ish).

    The best friends in this version apparently will be Su Qing and Tan Jianci, both of whom I adore. However, As a long-time Steelo X Jianci stan, I’m already jealous of all the Han Dongjun-Tan Jianci shippers after this and the Three Kingdoms drama come out. *crosses fingers*

  2. One of the earlier c-novel that I read when I was first introduced into the wonderful world of translated C-Novel. I remember reading the whole translated novel in 1 sitting one saturday afternoon. Took me 4 hours to read them but it was so good to the extend I could not even put it down… Eagerly looking forward to the drama. I hope that it keep similar with the novel.

  3. I hope that the drama kinda keeps most of the stuff from the novel and finish the whole ending because the movie just had an open ending. Anyhow hope that this is good.

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