Chen Baoguo plays a Chinese herbalist in upcoming period drama

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine 老中医 is set in a time of social upheaval, and follow the fortunes of a group of disciples of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Veteran actor Chen Baoguo (The Last Visa) plays Weng Quanhai, a descendant of the famed Menghe medical lineage who leads the modernisation of TCM in republican Shanghai. Costars include Feng Yuanzheng (Man With No Name), Chen Baoguo’s son Chen Yuemo (Lotus Code) and Xu Qing (League of Gods).

Directed by Mao Weining (An Ordinary World) and written by Gao Mantang (The Last Visa, The Chinese Old Peasant, Chuang Guandong), the 35 episode drama started filming in late August.


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