Deng Lun, Li Yitong star in upcoming period idol drama

After rain, the flowering crab-apple turns into rouge / Blossom in Heart 海棠经雨胭脂透 has released stills of the cast, and features Deng Lun (Ode to Joy 2), Li Yitong (Legend of the Condor Heroes 17) and Ying Haoming (Grandmaster of Taichi) in a messy love triangle set in the republican era.

Gu Haitang (Li Yitong) travels to Kunyang in search of her father, and meets Lang Yuexuan (Deng Lun), the second young sir of the Lang Family. They become fast friends, and he finds her a job in his family’s rogue business. Unfortunately older brother Lang Yueming (Ying Haoming) takes a liking to Haitang, and she is tricked into marrying him.

Gu Haitang agrees to heal Lang Yueming’s disfigured face in return for her freedom and a choice to begin anew with her true love Yuexuan. However, Lang Yueming reneges on his promise, and is determined to ruin everything the two lovebirds hold dear. New actress Zhang Yazhuo costars as the spoiled daughter of a powerful warlord, while Alex Fong (Perfect Imerfection) and Carman Lee (12 Golden Ducks) play the parents of the two brothers.

The drama is directed by He Shupei (Legend of Fragrance) and is planned for 50 episodes.

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