Can you imagine how photogenic Jing Boran and Ni Ni’s babies would be. 

The guests at this year’s Harper’s Bazaar Charity Gala is a who’s who of Chinese actors this year.  Here are some of the stars on the red carpet, including  Zhang Ziyi, Carina Lau, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Yang Mi, Lu Han, Angelababy,  Yao Chen, Chris Li Yuchun, Ni Ni, Jing Boran, Zhang Ruoyun, Tang Yixin, Zhang Lanxin, Jiang Xin, Amber Kuo, Bea Hayden, Wang Ziwen, Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang, Ying’er, Aarif Lee, Zhao Liying, Qiao Xin, Zhang Yunlong, Zhang Binbin, Li Yundi, Chen Xuedong, Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Ady An Yixuan, Shawn Dou Xiao, etc.   There were a lot more stars (like Fan Bingbing’s boyfriend Li Chen, Angelababy’s husband Huang Xiaoming),  but their outfits were boring.

Clothes identification from : Starstylefashion@Weibo , clothes from the Bazaar Weibo or the star’s own Weibo’s (this is fair because both are PS’ed anyways) .

Luhan in Roberto Cavalli. Probably my best dressed for men.
Zhang Lanxin in Alexandre Vauthier
Carina Lau in Saint Laurent
Angelababy in Dior
Li Bingbing in a Cinderella halloween costume and Zhang Ziyi in Elie Saab
Chris Li Yuchun in a Gucci outfit that she alone can pull off
Amber Kuo in Comme Toi
Fan Bingbing in Ralph & Russo, with two employees
Zhao Liying in Dior
Yao Chen in Zuhair Murad
Wang Ziwen in iceberg
Yang Mi in Oscar de la Renta
Aarif Lee in Gucci
Jiang Xin’s dress looks like she got it from a century-old doll, but at least her shoes look like the iron throne
Shawn Dou Xiao in Cerruti
Pianoist Li Yundi
Chen Xuedong in Lanvin
Jing Tian in Oscar de la Renta
Bea Hayden
Andy An Yixuan is going to the same Halloween party as Li Bingbing, but at least her hair is cute.
Ruby Lin in Ralph Lauren and Wallace Huo probably in Hugo Boss
Jia Nailiang in Dolce & Gabbana and Li Xiaolu in nicole+felicia
Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruoyun in Ralph Lauren. Did you guys that she changed her entire name to match his? Note how both characters of their first
names have the same radicals (艹 and 日 ) – 张若昀 唐艺昕
Qiao Xin in Sherri Hill and Zhang Yunlong  in Gucci. They’re currently filming a modern idol series together
Ni Ni in Reem Acra and Jing Boran in Bottega Veneta
Ying’er, who just got married to Fu Xinbo

Parent of the bride Li Yuchun hands off her daughter Ni Ni to Jing Boran.
Yang Mi: Who needs a date when I’m the boss of all the hot guys in my company …
… and all these cute girls from Tiny Times.

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13 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar Charity Gala red carpet round-up”

  1. Many celebrities are missing like feng shao feng,tiffany tang yan, crystal liu,ma tianyu, luo jin, alina zhang meng, li yi feng, zhang shuang, william chan,wallace chung,wang dalu,wang kai,madina memet, dilreba etc…..

  2. Bae hayden looks good. ABB dress was nice but not suited on her. Ni Ni dress was also good but it will be more suited on song qian. The dress song qian wore was too mismatching.

    1. I don’t think he went. He’s filming Cry Me A Sad River in Shanghai right now. The last public event he attended was Wang Kai’s Bday party in Beijing.

    1. they probably wish they hadn’t gone to this event after the huge internet/media firestorm that followed them.

  3. Gucci has been putting out some dreadful clothing recently. I know that Li Yuchun and Jared Leto want to be quirky, but I’m sorry, that’s just aggressively ugly.

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