A tour of the palaces in Ruyi, Part 3

Baoyue Tower official residence of Concubine Rong / Fragrant Concubine, Han Xiangjian (Li Qin).

Servants Hali (Gao Dongyu) and Guli:

4 thoughts on “A tour of the palaces in Ruyi, Part 3

  1. I love that the writer included the legendary Xiang Fei. I’m not sure if she was ever confirmed to be a real person, but many “fictionalized” cultural figures are indeed based on real people, so I wouldn’t be surprised (Wang Zhaojun, etc).

  2. This was the Han Xiang character in Pearl Princess 2 right? In that drama, I never saw her wear Qing style clothing but here she does. Any ideas as to why that is?

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