Jiang Wen returns to television after 11 years with historical drama Cao Cao

Sixth generation director, actor and screenwriter Jiang Wen (Let the Bullets Fly, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story) is confirmed to lead the upcoming historical drama Cao Cao 曹操, which has a reported budget of 700 million yuan (105 million USD).

It’s rumoured the series has signed on Zhang Li (Towards the Republic, Great Ming Dynasty 1566) as director, scholar and Lecture Room / 百家讲坛 presenter Yi Zhongtian as historical consultant and Guan Shan (Rush Year, I Am Not A Hero) as scriptwriter.

On a side note, they should totally cast Yu Hewei as Sun Quan, so he can become the first person to play all three warlords from the Three Kingdoms era (Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2010, Cao Cao in The Advisors Alliance).

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