Huang Xuan, Angelababy get in a scuffle in Entrepreneurial Age

Entrepreneurial Age has released two sets of new stills featuring the main cast led by Huang Xuan (Extraordinary Mission) and Angelababy (General and I). The drama will focus on the IT profession, and the opportunities and difficulties that come with a career in the field.

Huang Xuan will play Guo Xinnian, a mobile programmer who is snubbed by competitors, and Angelababy plays Na Lan, an investment analyst and love interest who helps him out of the embarrassing situation.

Zhou Yiwei (Legend of the Naga Pearls) plays Luo Wei, a former IBM product manager who resigns in favour of starting a new business. Song Yi (Stairway to Heaven) plays Wendy, Luo Wei’s girlfriend and an investor working under Na Lan.

Wang Yaoqing (Wine War) plays Li Huancheng, China’s top Internet entrepreneur, and the character is reportedly based on either Robin Li, co-founder of search engine Baidu or Ma Huateng, founder of Tencent. Veteran actors Wang Xueqi (The Game Changer) and Han Tongsheng (Tiger Father Dog Son) costar as Na Lan’s superior and father respectively.

The 40 episode drama is directed by An Jian (Decoded) and written by Zhang Ting (Monk Comes Down the Mountain).

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